I offer coaching for arena, ladder and tournament play. I have a very flexible schedule.

I can be contacted on for offers. My fee is usually about $20/hour.


Hello there. Some in the gaming world may know me from my stream or AGDQ appearance as RWhiteGoose. I have been a high level speedrunner for nearly ten years, most notably holding dozens of world records across multiple games including Mario Party, Mario Golf, Perfect Dark and GoldenEye 007, peaking at rank #3 world in the latter game.

Recently, I have been trying Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft for a new challenge. As a game wildly different from the fast paced, precise execution based, twitch style gaming I’ve spent years mastering, I struggled with Hearthstone at first. A childhood friend introduced me to the game in mid-August, and that season I played a lot to reach only Rank 15.

September started on a similar pace. I was struggling to get through Rank 15 once again. Working really hard, I could make it barely to Rank 12, but would fall back into 15 or 16 shortly thereafter. I would post about my woes in the Hearthstone thread on the 2p2 forum, and Cookie offered me some help. During the third week of September, I took him up on his offer and it had an immediate impact.

Cookie Skyped with me for two hours while I played, offering tips, advice, knowledge and his experience. During our coaching session, I was able to get up to Rank 10 for the first time. Later that day I broke through all the way through to Rank 8. Cookie taught me a Druid deck in addition to the Hunter one I had been using, and I was able to win games at that rank with it. This gave me confidence that I could not only use other decks, but be just as good as them as I am with my best deck.

By September’s end, only 10 days of play after our coaching session, I made it up to Rank 6 where I ended the month. It’s now October 9th and I already made it back to Rank 6 this season. I have confidence that I can make a serious push for Legendary ranking this month, largely in part due to the knowledge and coaching Cookie imparted on me.

I have had several other coaching sessions with other Hearthstone players, all of whom reach Legendary ranking regularly, but I still feel Cookie’s had the greatest impact and I remember what he taught me the most. Cookie has a great way of explaining not just what moves to make, but why to make them, likely outcomes and reactions to your actions, and simply has a great understanding of the game. Many coaches will walk you through your games, you will win while they’re holding your hand, but once they’re gone, you’ve learned nothing and go back to your losing ways. Cookie actually teaches his students things that keep them winning even after he’s ended the Skype call. I certainly feel that I’ve gained knowledge and experience which better my decision making and overall gameplay.

I’ve been a top player of a few games for a very long time. I know what kind of knowledge and dedication it takes. I can also recognize others who have this understanding and ability as well; and Cookie is one of those people. I highly recommend coaching sessions with Cookie for any Hearthstone player. Whether you are new, struggling, or looking to break through, Cookie will have great advice and knowledge for you.

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Stay true,
R. White Goose

Constructed Coaching with Cookie (
Hello players, my nickname is Kisbuh and I have been coached by Cookie. Before Cookie’s coaching I was stuck at rank 6-7 and was unable to climb any higher. After spending an hour with Cookie’s coaching, I had climbed almost 2 ranks and the day after the coaching I even reached Legend on my own, but with Cookie’s words in mind. We looked at my decks and changed them slightly before we began our journey. During the games, I told Cookie what I would have done in the given situation, and many times, he agreed, but what was interesting was obviously, when we would make different plays. It’s the small things that start to matter when you want to reach legend, and Cookie taught me to think about the next possible play from my opponent and evaluate how you could make his play less valuable.

“Arena Coaching with Cookie(

Hello players, my nickname is mexoff and im playing on EU server(Legend rank). But i had problems with playing in Arena. So I asked my teammate Cookie for helping me. Before coaching I never won more than 3 games with Rogue in Arena cause i did not know how to draft cards and also i didnt know the right Rogue playstyle. Next day after coaching i made an 11/3 Arena with Rogue and few 7+ Rogue Arenas after about 2 hours of coaching. I highly recommend you to ask Cookie for a coaching. He explain you everything, why he is doing it. And for sure answer your question if u didnt get something.”